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You can see our children constantly at the computer. The closure of schools and the overwhelming heat of summer is one of the few reasons why children can be home at noon. The games are small-scale and can be played simultaneously over the Internet. Although it is difficult to make games with various versions, their gameplay is easy for children. These games, which allow you to have a pleasant time, have been increasing lately.


Parents complain heavily as children do not play games at the computer with the development of technology. Nowadays there are several kinds of games. Online games, computer-based games and flash games played over the Internet. We recommend you to play flash games as well as other games. Flash games will be boring if you play 1-2 hours in-game, your child will get up from the computer. In addition, the kind of play we have mentioned helps your children to develop their intelligence, dexterity and thinking skills. Don’t get angry with your kids to play flash games for 1-2 hours.


Let’s examine together what kind of games parents and children are having while having fun and helping them develop at the same time.

One of the most interesting flash games of recent years is the head ball series. There are many different versions of the head ball series, which children especially enjoy. In the game, you start a tournament by choosing a footballer of your favorite team. The most preferred head ball series of this year is the head ball champions league game. In this game, you start by selecting the footballer of a team that will compete in the champions league. In this game you have to fight until the groups are left and then you need to sweat for the trophy.

One of the games sought to have fun on school computers is the game of fire and water. You can play this game either on your own or with two people on one computer. In 2 characters you have to do and the task, the paths are different, you must be careful and fast while playing the game.

We continue to play with the meb game series, which many people do not know, but the volume of search increases every month. What is this meb game? mep game is just a name given by students to all other games. Since the game computers are not opened on the school computers and because they are the games proposed by meb, our student brothers call all games as meb games and play their games by entering the first game sites.

Flash Games How To …

When the children go out to play, they quickly fall behind. Nowadays, we are living in the age of technology and everyone is preferring to play games on computers, phones and tablets.

While people play games for hours without getting bored, there are some who are curious about the kitchen of this business. You need to know the importance of having an original and creative mind as well as understanding software for game production.

What is required to make a game?

First of all, how to design a game is very important. The equipment required for each game may vary and may vary depending on the story of the game. But some of the standard things are:

Knowledge of C, C #, JavaScript or any other programming language used in game writing.

Expert support in graphics and lighting.

Programs or musicians to create music to use.

One of the critical points for us to prepare your game is “budget”.

Graphics engine.

Motion Capture for a realistic gaming experience.

Most importantly, he’s a screenwriter for your play.

How to Make Mobile and Computer Games?

First of all, you must have the budget required for the construction of the game. For example, the Crysis 3 game released in 2013 cost $ 66 million. Of course, this will vary depending on the scale of the game and the technologies to be used. It is also possible to create simpler games with more modest budgets.

You need to know what some of the words used in game making mean.

What is Motion Capture?

Motion Capture is the transfer of real-life movements to a computer environment, usually through green clothing. It is a technology used to digitize the movements that people can make in real life.

What is a game engine?

The game engine regulates the interaction of three-dimensional objects in the game. It enables the sound and physical functions of 3D objects to take place in specific sequence of events. Choosing a game engine suitable for the type of game will be in terms of your game playability.

Install the Flash applet to view videos, animations, and games

Adobe Flash Player is a side application that enables browsers such as Firefox to play Flash content on web pages. Flash is often used in animation, video, and games. In this article, we explain how to install Flash.

When you visit a webpage that uses Flash, you’ll see the message ‘A side application is required to display this content’ on the part of the page that requires Flash if the side application is not installed.

Use this guide to troubleshoot game, video, and audio for Adobe Flash Player on a Mac. You’ll also find steps to help troubleshoot webcam problems.

These instructions are for Mac OS. Player, games, video, or sounds do not work if you use Windows | See the Windows section.

If you’re having problems with games, videos, webcams, or sounds when using Flash Player on a Mac, try one of the following solutions:

Solving problems with online games

Solve video and audio problems

Solving webcam problems

If you have a different issue, see the Common Flash Player issues article.

Solving problems with online games

Try the following solutions one at a time:

Clear browser cache


Select Tools> Clear Recent History.

Select the time interval and click the Clear Now button.

Exit and restart Firefox.


Select Safari> Empty Cache.

Click Empty.

Click the Empty button.

Exit and restart Safari.

Google Chrome

Select Chrome> Clear Browsing Data.

Select the appropriate check boxes.

Click Clear Browsing Data.

Clear the Clear Browsing Data check box

Make sure JavaScript is enabled


Select Tools> Options.

Click Content.

Select Enable JavaScript.

Enable JavaScript checkbox – Firefox

Close the Preferences dialog box and reload the webpage.


Select Safari> Preferences.

Select the Security tab.

Select Enable JavaScript

Enable JavaScript checkbox – Safari

Close the Preferences dialog box and reload the webpage.

Google Chrome

Select Chrome> Preferences.

Click the Privacy tab.

Click the Content Settings button.

Content Settings button

In the Content Settings window, select Allow All Sites To Run JavaScript.

Allow all sites to run JavaScript option

Exit all Internet-connected applications

Give your game the use of a dedicated internet connection.

Do not use a wireless connection

Access the Internet using a wired connection (such as an Ethernet cable) instead of a wireless connection.

Disable pop-up blockers

Pop-up blockers monitor JavaScript operations. Games need these operations to work correctly.

Download the latest browser version

If you are still experiencing problems, download and install the latest version of your browser (select the correct installer for your Mac OS version):





Search game forums or fill out an error report

Gaming forums sometimes provide solutions to user problems. Look for problems that are similar to the problems you encounter on the game forums. You can also fill out a Flash Player bug report and look at other users’ bug reports.

Solve video and audio problems

Try the following solutions one at a time:

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations

Follow the computer manufacturer’s recommendations for audio and video issues: For example:

On your Mac, adjust the volume by pressing F12 and F11.

Adjust the volume of the video you are watching on the website.

Shut down and restart your Mac.

Check that the latest version of Flash Player is installed

Open the About Flash Player page in your browser.

• If Flash Player is installed on your computer, the About Flash Player page displays a Version Information window. The following example shows how the window looks.

Version information

If this box appears on the About Flash Player page, it shows the version of Flash Player installed on your computer.

• If Flash Player is not installed on your computer, the About Flash Player page displays one of the following windows. Download and install the latest version of Flash Player.

Information boxes if Flash Player is not installed

Compare the installed version of Flash Player with the latest version of Flash Player for your version of Mac OS.

• If the version numbers are the same, the latest version of Flash Player is installed. Do not reinstall Flash Player. Proceed to the next solution.

• If the Flash Player version on your computer is not the latest version, exit your browser. Uninstall the current version of Flash Player. Download and install the latest version of Flash Player.

Refresh the web page

Reload the web page by clicking the Reload Page icon.

Check that your computer is set to allow content playback

Open the Flash Player Setting Manager.

Anything displayed in Flash Player

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